Healing Abortion

Healing, Emotional Recovery, Soul Retrieval

Deep Support for navigating this choice in the present,

as well as healing from the past


Recorded replay will be made available for those who register but cannot make the live call.  

***This offering is non-oppositional; it is not a place for political, social, or religious agenda.  
This is an offering of women's wisdom and healing in support of an often inevitable but 
deeply misunderstood and emotionally unsupported journey of womanhood.
Regardless of the cultural or moral climate both around you, or within you, you may very well be one of the many women who have chosen to release a pregnancy rather than to carry it to full term.  This is or was a choice that could be anywhere from confusing to agonizing to you, one that you tucked away and tried to forget, or one that lingers, haunting you with regret.  Regardless, abortion has a profound impact on the emotional, sexual, and physical wellbeing of a woman.  
This impact may be painful, numbed in you, or overwhelming, particularly if you are in the process of choosing or preparing to release a pregnancy.  However, it does not need to remain buried, disempowering, or deeply unresolved in you.  There is a treasury of women's wisdom that has been with us for millennia, gathered from the experience, the pain, and the power of the female heart through all of her trials, the loss or release of a pregnancy one of the most tender.  
This 90 minute video webinar will cover a range of techniques, perspectives, and guidance for healing, resolving, and preparing consciously for an abortion (or a miscarriage).  This is a confidential webinar, no names are required, and interaction is by chat, not video.  There will be some time for open question and answer at the end.  There will be no discussion of moral, social, or political views offered or allowed on the call.  I am only concerned with the wellbeing of womankind, and bringing comfort and empowerment to a very complicated and often very painful experience for many women.  
Women of all religious faiths, political leanings, and moral concepts are welcome, because women of all beliefs and convictions still often find themselves in the unwanted terrain of this difficult choice.  If you are one of them, and your heart or your relationships are suffering, please join us and allow yourself to receive comfort and experienced guidance through to a more peaceful, powerful place.  
SEX:  A consideration of what sex really is, wild and untamed but deeply in alignment with the natural law that seeks harm to none and the good of all.  The power of sexual union is paralleled only by the tenderness and vulnerability it can touch.  Held with respect, it is full of the magic of bonding, and free of the curse of binding.
FIDELITY:  Why fidelity gives birth to a freedom with roots in a nobility of spirit and branches into sexual mastery and full-spectrum intimacy. We'll free fidelity from illusions of limitation and empty promises to see what it really is - an expression of profound personal power and the key to the abundant miracles of devotional love.
ECSTASY:  How ecstasy can be found through ever deepening surrender and ever evolving sexuality, supported by fidelity to become more potent, more dynamic, and more rich over time. Shifting out of the committed "relationship as work" model to the possibility of committed relationship as a trustworthy oasis in the desert.
Appropriate for:
  • Women who have chosen abortion in the past
  • Women faced with the decision to choose whether or not to keep a pregnancy
  • Women preparing for an abortion who seek more conscious and empowered support through the experience
  • Women who have miscarried and seek further healing and resolution
  • Those who work in the fields of women's health and sexuality who desire a deeper approach and understanding of this choice and ways to heal its impact in a woman's life
COST:  $55 USD


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