Clearing Past Lovers - for MEN.

Though this book was written “for women,” much of what it addresses is simply human.  I've created a short, introductory write up that will re-contextualize the content for men who have read the book, want to read it, or who are themselves needing to heal and recover personal power from the dissolution of a sexual intimacy. 

Links to purchase the book are below, and here is the button to download the brief Guidelines for Men:


"Break the Grip of Past Lovers" will take you through clearing past lovers -all the heartbreak, betrayals, grieving, and confusion that is likely still impacting your life and your ability to fully open to new, trustworthy relationships. 


This book is a powerful, tender companion for women (people) who are:


*Just emerging out of a tough relationship

*In a constant pattern of attracting the wrong partner

*Feeling entrapped and compromised by a current partnership

*Reeling from betrayal, neglect, or manipulation

*Feeling sexually shut down or chronically unmet



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