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Sacred Needs and Your

Sexual Archetype

Your sacred needs won't rest until they're met.

This course is FREE and exclusive with an order of my book, Break the Grip of Past Lovers. It is a four part course that will lead you into:

  • Discovering your sexual archetype

  • Understanding your sacred needs

  • Communicating those needs effectively to a partner

  • Meeting those needs whether or not you are in partnership, or if you are, whether or not your partner can meet you.  

The four parts of the course are:

  • Self Inquiry Quiz (Discover Your Sexual Archetype)

  • Ebook - Gifts, Challenges and Keys to Thriving within the Sexual Archetypes 

  • Video Discussion

  • Integration and Application (Written Inquiry and Guided Meditation Practice)

You can order the book at any of these three links:


Then email a screenshot of your receipt to to receive access to your course!


More about the Sacred Needs course....


You will be exploring your sacred needs using six archetypes of female sexuality as a starting place.  To begin, you'll take the self-inquiry quiz - "What Kind of Lover Are You?"

You'll notice that many of the answers will resonate with you.  This is because we all embody all of these archetypes, in different measure and in different relationships.  It is helpful though to get a sense of where your primary archetype is.  At the end of the quiz you'll receive an in-depth write up of the gifts, challenges, and keys to thriving in your archetype.  The ebook then will provide you with deeper explorations of all six archetypes.  


Here is where you get to explore ALL of the archetypes in depth, and to begin a reclamation of the sacred needs that are true for you.  

Archetypal sexuality and sacred need are deeply related.  When you touch your authentic expression of the female sexual current, you will begin to understand the deeper needs, the sacred needs, that are most true for you.  When they are met, you can open to more of what you truly are. You can soften and surrender into the power and love that want to move through you, the kind of connection and relationship that your heart longs for.


And when you claim your sacred needs instead of living in conflict or denial of them, you will be far more equipped to not only have them met, but to communicate them in ways that they can be met. 


After you've explored the archetypes and the concept of sacred needs, we'll take it further.  In this video, I'll take the archetypes one at a time, looking at three things:

  • What is the core sacred need of the archetype?

  • How can you communicate that need to a partner in a way that it can truly be met?

  • How can you care for yourself when that need is neglected, unmet, or denied?  (With or without a current partner)


Integration is where you'll bring it all home.  There are two options for integration, with the recommendation that you work with both.  The first is a series of journaling prompts.  Bringing your understandings into the written word will be a powerful way to make them true to you, to anchor them, and reflect more deeply.

The second integration piece is a guided practice into a very simple state of listening to, tending, and honoring your heart.  Guided practices are unparalleled ways to soften, surrender, and be led into a much greater level of self-intimacy.  

You can order the book at any of these three links:


Then email a screenshot of your receipt to to receive access to your course!

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