Devotional Self-Care and Spirited Business

with Coach Jasmine Patten

Most of us were never taught how to properly care for ourselves in a deep feminine way.  Our cultures, as estranged from deep feminine sensibilities as they have been, just usually don't have that wisdom to give.  A large percentage of the stress that most women feel stems from the way they relate to their own needs, the way they marginalize themselves, the way they compromise what should be non-negotiable.    

If you’re experiencing overwhelm, anxiety, exhaustion, disconnection from vitality or the feeling of being stuck in your life and/or work, these sessions will give you the nourishing support and the external accountability to make tangible shifts that give you more peace, energy, clarity, and centered presence.  


For creative entrepreneurs and women who want to improve their experience in the workplace, Jasmine will bring her 21 years as an entrepreneur into the sessions to support bringing spirit into harmony with work.  


Connect with YOUR body and her rhythms, and allow her to show you the easeful path to practicing self-care and experiencing way more pleasure.  

Please Note: Jasmine is well versed in all of Jumana's teachings and practices, having been a long term mentor for students of Her Mystery School, as well as a personal mentor to Jumana.  If your need is more related to a specific teaching of the school rather than the noted areas of expertise, you can have your session be tailored to the specific need you have​​.

Each session is a 30 minute call on your choice of phone, Skype or Zoom.  

One 30 minute session, $50​


Talk with Jasmine to learn more about sessions and to see if you're a good fit to work together.  Schedule a 15 minute complimentary Discovery Session by clicking on the button below.


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About Jasmine

Jasmine Patten is a business and self-care coach for creative entrepreneurs and freedom loving women. Her passion is supporting women to work less and live more through getting in touch with their own inner wisdom.  She loves helping her clients create systems for efficiency and rhythms for nourishment so that life flows with more grace and ease.

She has been an entrepreneur for 21 years, and is also a devotee of self-care, a dedicated student of her body, and a lover of nature. Jasmine has studied with Jumana for the last 10 years in lovely Ashland, OR, where she calls home.  She serves as the devotional self-care and spirited business mentor for Her Mystery School.

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