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LoveMaker's Dance Temple

Ashland, OR

Four New Moon Restorative Rituals,

from Imbolc to Beltane 

For the next four new moons, I'll be holding a dance temple here in Ashland.   


To share time in restorative refuge, to touch into the current of shakti and irrigate ourselves with Her life giving, love making, purifying Truth.

We will be intentionally gathering in the window of the New Moon, emptying in order to be filled in the four lunar cycles leading up to Beltane and the celebration of the Sacred Marriage.


THE DANCE TEMPLE FLOW: Inspired by the way pleasure moves through the female body, we'll start together in short, simple practice (selected from the curriculum of Her Mystery School) to drop deeply into the yin field.  A sensual, multi-peak sonic journey will rise from there, for about 60 minutes.  We'll close together in a practice of absorption, gathering and sealing up the nectar.  Sacrament and invitation for simple ritual will be provided. There will be open time after our journey to rest, be together, and share as we feel. 


This is a closed container, women only, limited to no more than 20. The dance floor will be silent apart from the guided drop in and completion, with space for sharing words in the integration time afterwards.  We'll be gathering at Studio Z in Ashland on the following dates:

Sunday, January 26th, 4-6 pm

Sunday, February 23rd, 4-6 pm

Friday, March 20th, 6:15-8:15 (EQUINOX)

Sunday, April 26th, 4-6 pm


Because this is a closed container, your space must be reserved in advance. You can do that by sending $20 via paypal to, making sure to send it "friend to friend." Be sure to put a note in there clarifying which date you'll be attending.  You can reserve a space for as many dates as you wish.  (I have realized this is clarify, it's $20 for each one, not for all of them.  If it isn't straightforward how to note which one you will be attending, I will assume it will be the next one after your payment, unless you tell me otherwise at


The Lovemaker's Dance Temple will be a space to renew your spirit, soften your body, and surrender into the resurrecting power of the deep feminine current.  Blessed be!

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