The Descent Master Class

Finding comfort, love, and personal power in the face of hardships that you didn't want, and didn't choose.  

Divorce, death, loss of career, betrayals, illness…….

the Descent is a journey that can be isolating, emotionally devastating, and completely life changing.


For this reason, each year I open up the month of The Descent teachings for general enrollment, so that those of you who are not enrolled in Her Mystery School can still resource the level of deep support, and the particular medicine of feminine soul, that is such a powerful companion on the journey. This feels like the most supportive and most nourishing opportunity I could offer to the heart of womankind and all that you uphold in your world.  

"Unwanted Initiations"

The Descent Master Class 

with Her Mystery School mentor Jamila Suzanne

Begins February 1st 

Where do you find your footing in the midst of despair, failure, divorce, anxiety, loss, death, depression, health crisis and other sudden or known, subtle or harsh, moments?  How do you traverse the Unwanted Initiation?


You are not alone. Meet with yourself face to face in the current of the Underworld, and you will find this moment to be a teacher, however raw it may feel.  The teachings we’re offering you have been profoundly helpful to many in times of discomfort, duress, uncertainty and awkward times of transition.  These 4 weeks of teachings unravel and reveal what support and foundation mean, and feel like, in the times of life that range from basic irritation to complete annihilation and devastation.  


Join Her Mystery School Mentor, Jamila Suzanne, as she guides you through this one month Descent Master Class. Each week for 4 weeks, you will receive audio recordings from the curriculum of Her Mystery School that include a teaching accompanied by a long and short practice.  


Week 1: The Descent

Week 2:  Soul Forging

Week 3:  Facing The Demonic

Week 4:  Resurrection

Class begins on Saturday February 1st, 2020 at 11am PST

2nd Session: Saturday, February 8th at 11 am PST

3rd Session: Saturday, February 15th at 11 am PST

4th Session: Friday, February 21st at 11 am PST

(please note that the last session is not on a Saturday)

Sliding scale: $200-$350 


Along with the audios, on Saturday of each week Jamila Suzanne will offer live video calls on which you will be able to interact with her and with other women who are taking the class. Gathering together in this way provides tremendous support for coming out of isolation and for re-contextualizing what you are going through. These calls will be recorded and sent out to all the women who are registered for the class.

To register, click on the button below, enter the amount on the scale that feels most comfortable for you, and include a note that this is for The Descent Class.


Susan Seddon Boulet