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Dance Awakening


Athena Aura Nova is a movement coach who believes that everyone has a dancer inside of them and has a mission to help you find your dance.  In a true state of wellness, the connection between mind, body and spirit connection is well lubricated, fluid, delicious.. Giving your body the right nutrition is the key to begin that fluid connection, and then moving through exercise is the next step. But if you are not having FUN with your movement is it invoking your soul as well? Athena believes every person has a special way of moving inside of them. It is a personal dance that is true to your essence and inner being wanting to come out and meet the world. 


Athena has always sought out movement -teaching partner dance for over 20 years, aerial dance for over 10 years and facilitating transformative Ecstatic Dance. It is said that she started dancing before she could walk :)  Through dance therapy and radical embodiment, she discovered the power that organic movement guided by the subconscious had to awaken the spirit. In addition, she found that this unique synergy had the ability to uncover the deep wounds we hide close to our hearts, and that the extra baggage we carry can be made lighter by intuitively moving the body in ways that align with our hearts true desire

Our most authentic movement and true dance is not going to come out when we learn the “right” moves or learn how to count music. Our dance is filled with life, which means it is at times erratic and other times full of grace. Athena is looking forward to helping 3 women find their unique dance through guided breathwork, organic stretching and inspiring daily dance prompts, which are short, fun and easy to utilize.  These guided practices encourage the spirit to let go of what is no longer needed in order to unlock the body and move freely towards discovering who we are meant to be. Freedom of movement is waiting for you! 

To book with her, and have her coach your journey for these 30 days, email her at, or contact her by phone at (808) 757-6509.

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