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Restoration of Gut Health


Athena Rae is a Reiki Master, Herbalist, and Lifestyle Health Coach with a passion and specialty in gut microbiome health, and detoxing for wellness. Her personal wellness journey started with her discovery of genetic testing and energy conversion awareness.  


Due to her personal experience with genetic predispositions and gut health imbalances such as Candida,  Athena Rae has a vast knowledge in supporting people with their own gut imbalances.  She believes that understanding one's predisposition to intolerances of food additives can benefit the overall gut health by avoiding enriched foods and unfortified supplements and beverages. 

Her health coaching is based on balancing the gut microbiome flora to establish good bacteria and create sustainable, long term gut health.  She supports the healing journey by providing customized advice in cleansing, as well as recommending herbs and supplements to banish unhealthy bacteria and parasites which create imbalance and dysbiosis. Her custom protocols rebalance gut flora with organic plant based superfoods nutrition, a focus on pre and probiotic health, as well as spiritual attunement to gut/emotional/energy connections. 

Athena is looking forward to helping 3 women restore their gut health and enjoy the deeper nourishment and emotional/physical balance that results from having a happy gut biome.   

To book with her, and have her coach your journey for these 30 days, email her at, or contact her by phone at (541) 294-4491.

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