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Trauma Informed Empowerment Coaching


Jillian is an Integrative Trauma-Informed Coach and Intuitive Healer, specializing in psychological and emotional abuse. She is a Certified Narcissistic Trauma-Informed Coach and Narcissistic Abuse Specialist, both CPD accredited. She has completed multiple years with HER Mystery School, becoming fluent in the language and principles of deep feminine skills that create a deep connection to Self, while resourced and supported by Life. 

One cannot talk their way out of the pain from psychological and emotional abuse, the trauma runs deep. Trauma wreaks havoc on the nervous system and can lead to dissociation and a disconnection to Self. During the 30-day Purium protocol, Jillian will help you further regulate your nervous system and start to shift limiting beliefs around any core wounds. 

Jillian uses an integrative approach to help her clients heal their mind, body, and spirit. She utilizes a wide-range of trauma-informed and energy healing tools including Brainspotting, Somatic Belief Reprogramming™, Self-Navigation Mapping™, Eye-Movement Integration, Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), ThetaHealing, Time Line Therapy and Re-imprinting, Reiki, and Mindfulness Techniques. 

She is excited to guide 3 new women using trauma-informed and positive psychology-informed tools and techniques to aid them during the 30-day protocol and set them up for success in continuing their healing and transformational journey. 

​To book with her and have her coach your journey for these 30 days, email her at

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