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Prosperity Transformation


Natasha specializes in empowerment coaching – specifically inner and outer transformation through greater embodiment and thought navigation. She was certified in Hakomi, a leading somatic psychotherapy, by the founder, Ron Kurtz, and focused on somatic embodiment and meditation in her Yoga Instructor Certification with Krista Holland.  She has completed multiple years with HER Mystery School, becoming fluent in the language and principles of deep feminine skills that create a sustainable, authentic, genuinely prosperous, self-authored life.  


Natasha demonstrates her dynamic empowerment and embodiment as the visionary singer and manager of the successful rock band Living Loving Led, a tribute to Led Zeppelin, and holds that our authenticity is our super power. She’s been an entrepreneur her entire life and created a fortune by building ethical sales organizations through leadership development and service. An avid believer in the Law of Attraction, she coaches prosperity, communication, plant-based health and fitness, style and image, interior design for self love and connection, and therapeutic voice lessons to open the throat chakra. Her self proclaimed greatest accomplishment is raising two sons as a single mother, through Waldorf education, and out into the world as kind, conscious, and successful men. She’s been a weaver of community in Ashland Oregon since 2004 and owns a beautiful home in the hills that she shares with her Chihuahua, Casper and her Orange Tabby cat, Cinnamon.

She is excited to guide 3 new women into prosperity as a way of life, leveraging the increased clarity and energy from the 30 day nutritional  protocol to make significant lifestyle shifts that last, and leveraging the curriculum of Empress Arise to launch creative visions and more empowered choices that source in your authenticity and therefore attract abundance.  

To book with her, and have her coach your journey for these 30 days, email her at

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