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.Is it possible to cancel the membership any time?

Yes.  You can do this directly from your course portal and it will stop billing on the next cycle.

What time are the group coaching calls?

Group coaching calls will happen at 11 am PST, on Tuesdays, every other Tuesday.  You will have a calendar of dates in your course portal for ease of scheduling.  Recordings of the webinar will go out within 24 hours.  Video check-ins will arrive in your inbox on the Tuesdays in between live webinars. 

Can I get one on one support?

Yes. Deonesea is available for one on one coaching calls. Women in the membership receive a discount on the usual rate, and a link for scheduling sessions is in the live membership portal.

Can I join any time?

Yes.  You can join at any time, and your membership will be renewed monthly on the date you enroll. 

Will the live calls be recorded?

Yes.  The calls will be recorded and sent to all members. 

Can I access past calls?

You will have access to all the calls that are part of your active membership.  BUT PLEASE NOTE: To encourage active, timely participation, the links to the calls will only be live for one month.  After this, they expire and will no longer be available.

Do I have indefinite access to the recorded calls?

No.  The links to the calls will expire after one month, to keep the membership current and to ensure active, timely participation.

Do I need to be in an intimate relationship to join?

No.  The journey to sovereign sexuality is one of you to yourself, to your sexual history, to past relationships, to future dreams.  The content will not at all be limited to only women who are currently in an intimate relationship. 

Is this appropriate for any sexual orientation?

Again, sovereign sexuality is very much about how you sit with your own sexuality, discernment, and personal power, so yes it is appropriate for any orientation.  Women of all types of sexual orientations - heterosexual, lesbian, deeply monogamous, polyamorous, etc. - have benefitted from this work.  

Is this appropriate for me if I'm healing from traumatic sexual experiences?

Yes.  I work from a trauma-informed platform, and I am very familiar with the terrain.  This membership of course cannot replace one on one therapies, but it is a powerful, tender companion for your healing journey.  It will bring community, support, and deep feminine sensibilities to all the other healing work that you choose to do.

Is this appropriate for me if I'm not in a big "healing" journey?

Yes.  Opening your capacity for deep feminine sexual potency is an ongoing discovery process that thrives with recognition, validation, and devotion.  Joining with other women who are on the same path is a powerful way to continue to deepen and expand in your pleasure, discernment, and capacity for authentic intimacy.

Should I even bother if I don't feel "sexual" at all?

Yes.  This membership is not focused on explicitly "sexual" identities or stories.  You will be focusing on reclamation of the full spectrum of deep feminine, sovereign sexuality, which moves through phases of both dormancy and expression.  It touches on emotion, personal power, and soul and is never very far from you, no matter how disconnected you may feel.

Will this be confidential? Do I have to interact?

You are free to share as much or as little as you feel.  If you are in a time of needing to stay close to your own heart, and in the privacy of your own experience, it would be possible to join the membership and just listen to the calls, work with the practices, and simply reach out to the facilitator if you have a need or question.

If you have any other questions, please reach out to Deonesea at

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