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Awaken Your Deep Feminine Power

live, online course with Jumana Sophia 

Founder of Her Mystery School and author of Break the Grip of Past Lovers

This three-part course is a sacred initiation, one in which you will learn how to:

Reclaim Your Personal Power

Establish Your Sexual Sovereignty

Harness Your Soul Force

Ladies be warned: This is depth work, not simple self-help.  

In this 3 week LIVE online course, Jumana Sophia will initiate you into deeper remembrance of who and what you already are, and will show you how by working with three fundamental laws of the deep feminine essence, you can create a life that thrives according to your female body, feminine psyche, and untamed soul force.  


Deep feminine poise is found not by leaning forward to become what you think you should be, but by sitting back and down into what you have always been. This is where true personal power lives, unapologetic, effortless, and magnetic.

Our practice this week will bring your mind, heart, and womb into a coherent alignment that fortifies the integrity of your center and magnetizes your destiny to you, no effort necessary.  


Female sexuality is the most powerful, misunderstood and manipulated force on the planet.   

Standing in sovereign sexuality is a lifelong practice, but it begins with one simple principle, one simple truth:  Your sexual energy is your OWN, first and foremost.  It is and was always meant to be a regenerative, passionate fire that fuels everything from your erotic life to your career, your creativity to your deepest stillness.  It is yours.  And it is more whole, more wise than you have been taught to believe.  

Our practice this week will bring you into simple, gentle contact with your essential sexual fire, as it is, without any need to change it.  From here, you will access the wisdom to deeply nurture and reclaim this essential inner fire.


To be a woman is to be a confluence of powers much greater than yourself.  Great tides of emotion, knowing, and wisdom, a Presence much larger than you are will move through you, if you turn toward it.

To stand in your place as a wisdom keeper and an embodied instrument of grace in this troubled world is to forge an alliance with your vulnerabilities. These sacred needs are the doorways to true prayer, its call and response.  These vulnerabilities are the keys to standing in unshakeable power and influence in your world.  

Our practice this week will work with sacred needs (the needs to be sheltered, cherished, seen, and to feel met, among others) as potent allies that guard your truth and guide you to true fulfillment, not shameful burdens to be overcome. 


Thinking to create an quiz assessment at the beginning and then at the end.

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