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You Are the WILD LOVER


The Wild Lover thrives on the natural, the free, the untamed and undomesticated. "Wild" in this case doesn't refer to getting wasted and dancing on tables. Wild for the Wild Lover is a natural state, an untamed state, a state of freedom. As a Wild Lover, you are drawn to sexual relationships in which you feel natural and free, where sexuality is a natural and healthy part of your togetherness, and where nature is very much a part of your erotic life. The challenge for the Wild Lover is to understand and respect the ways in which sexuality is not always simple and free. It is important for your wellbeing to choose lovers that are not just natural and free, but also wise and emotionally mature enough to really care for you.


Your gifts as a lover are a natural, uncomplicated sensuality, often informed by your connection to nature, a sweetness and lightness of being, and a sense of expanse and adventure.



There are three core challenges to this archetype of lover.


You can tend to expect sexuality to be less complicated than it actually is.  

You are often drawn to lovers who can meet you in your sense of the untamed, natural and free, but who do not have the maturity to actually honor the full spectrum of sexual vulnerability, and who may lack the capacity to be honest, to know themselves well enough to truly partner you in a good way.  

You can develop a sadness of heart, a listlessness or strange emptiness when your needs for natural eroticism are not met.




There are three essential keys to thriving as this archetype of lover, and cultivating sexual intimacies that are emotionally safe, satisfying, and honoring for you.


ALWAYS MAINTAIN YOUR PERSONAL CONNECTION TO THE WILD.  This means regardless of whether or not you have a lover, it's important that you cultivate time in nature, time where you feel untamed and undomesticated alone, or possibly with other women. There is something you receive from touching into your own innate wildness, alone, that you will always need, and that will keep you centered and connected to your own essence in a way that will fortify your heart.  

REMEMBER THAT THE WILD HAS A THOUSAND FACES. Your untamed nature and natural sensuality will need to be as truly free as the wild thing that you are. This does not equate to having no responsibilities, being able to do or to have whatever you want whenever you want it. It also doesn't equate to the standard and very domesticated version of a sexually "wild woman" who is essentially just reckless and often emotionally out of control. You have the capacity to develop an extraordinary intimacy with yourself, and all the aspects of wild feminine that live in you. Raw power, stillness, elegance, harmony, quietude, exuberance...there are so many dynamics to the woman that is you. You are aligned towards authenticity, so although it may bring you into conflict or differences with the culture or standard beliefs around you, you must cultivate your authenticity of being in order to feel peace inside. To bring the fullness of your untamed nature to your erotic life is to carve out time and place to fully explore what your natural being really feels like, what she is capable of and drawn to, outside of all cultural conditioning. And then to create your lifestyle around that deep inner knowing.​

SEEK EMOTIONAL MATURITY. In both your lovers and yourself. Yes, sexuality is as natural as breathing. You have an innate lack of dogma and conditioning around sexuality that is a gorgeous aspect of your untamed spirit. It's a gift. may find yourself, or your lovers, in resistance to (or incapable of facing) the more complicated, vulnerable, and sensitive terrain that is also a natural part of sexuality. Sexuality is natural, yes. It's also vastly more powerful and vulnerable than most of us realize. In order to fully care for your spirit, your heart, and your body, you will need to turn toward the aspects of your sexuality that are confusing to you, and seek greater understanding. Acknowledge and honor the way that your eroticism, emotions, raw sexual power, and deep vulnerabilities all weave together in sexual intimacy. And seek out lovers who can meet and celebrate the untamed within you, but who also have the wisdom and inner strength to meet the complex or vulnerable when it arises, rather than sweeping it under the rug or running away.


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