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EBOOK: Sacred Needs and Your Sexual Archetype

Your sacred needs won't rest until they're met.

Let's Begin....


You will be exploring your sacred needs using six archetypes of female sexuality as a starting place.  To begin, please take the self-inquiry quiz - "What Kind of Lover Are You?"

You'll notice that many of the answers will resonate with you.  This is because we all embody all of these archetypes, in different measure and in different relationships.  It is helpful though to get a sense of where your primary archetype is.  Have fun!


Now you get to explore ALL of the archetypes in depth.

Archetypal sexuality and sacred need are deeply related.  When you touch your authentic expression of the female sexual current, you will begin to understand the deeper needs, the sacred needs, that are most true for you.  When they are met, you can open to more of what you truly are. You can soften and surrender into the power and love that want to move through you, the kind of connection and relationship that your heart longs for.


And when you claim your sacred needs instead of living in conflict or denial of them, you will be far more equipped to not only have them met, but to communicate them in ways that they can be met. 


Over the next weeks, I invite you to consider three questions:

  • What archetype(s) do you most resonate with, and can you claim the gifts and challenges that it represents?

  • What archetype(s) do you feel disconnected from?

  • Are there any archetypes that you truly (maybe secretly) long to experience but have decided that somehow they just "aren't for you?"

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