A 30 Day Return To Core Resilience

Nourish, Strengthen, Cleanse

30 Days of Deep Feminine Renewal for Body AND Soul

What is it?

This is a simple but powerful program, created to help you establish a new base of physical and emotional resiliency​ to face the challenges here now, and ahead.  We're going to transform our lifestyle choices for the better and keep them that way.  

For 30 days, you will be doing two things:


ONE - Nourish and Gently Cleanse Your Body

Transform your physical health with high quality organic superfoods that will among other things:

  • Reduce Inflammation

  • Saturate Your Body with High Quality, Organic Vegan Protein, Greens, and Anti-Oxidants

  • Repair Your Gut Wall (and therefore your ability to actually absorb the nutrition you take in)


TWO - Fortify Your Soul

Transform your mental, emotional, and neurological wellbeing with a series of ten SIMPLE tools and meditations I learned the hard way - by navigating my own annihilations and tendencies toward anxiety.  

We are going to shift from catabolic state of being (stress states that break you down) to an anabolic state of being (states of repair and healing that will build you back up and keep you strong).

Who is this for?

This is for you if you feel the call, or the need, to more deeply care for your physical health and the emotional/neurological states that can either build you up or break you down.  

Specifically, the Purium protocol is known to: 

  • Reduce inflammation and pain

  • Reduce or eliminate cravings

  • Break sugar, alcohol, caffeine, or other habits

  • Lose extra weight

  • Bolster immunity and inner resiliency


You will be working this like I work all things.....according to deep feminine principles.

You will cleanse through NOURISHMENT.

You will shift habits through REALIGNMENT.

You will treat the body as the TEMPLE it is.  

Tell me more about the Purium 30 day protocol. 

The simple version is this:  we'll be working with the 30 Day Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation pack from Purium. ​ This consists of:

 Super Aminos (BUILDING: pre-digested vegan protein) 

Power Shake (NOURISHING:  greens and superfoods shake)

ApotheCherry (RESTORATION: anti-oxidant and tart cherry extract with naturally occurring melatonin)

Biome-Medic (DETOXIFICATION and ABSORPTIONgut repair and chemical removal)

Super CleansR (CLEANSING: keeping it all moving out)

There are THREE schedule options, which will be detailed for you in the kit when you receive it.  Essentially, you can take it easy, or you can turn the volume up, depending on your needs and goals. 

I have added an additional option for those of you who want to include deeper adrenal support with your protocol (with Bee Energetic).  You'll see it below in the registration.  It only adds about $20 to the whole package, and if you can swing it I highly recommend it.  Adding this adrenal support will help your adrenals reset from excessive stress and also support greater absorption of all the amazing  nutrition you'll be putting in your body. 


Purium is a company I've been connected to for five years now, and have established a deep trust for.  These are all organic, vegan, whole food, super food products.  Pristinely high quality.  I've included videos below, please watch them to learn more specifics about the products, in a much more masterful way than I could possibly offer.

Tell me more about the inner resiliency program.

Physical resiliency is absolutely directly correlated to mental, emotional, and neurological resiliency.  And vice versa.  

The inner resiliency program consists of 10 video modules, each of which will introduce you to one tool, technique, or meditation practice that will do one of three things:

  • Regulate Your Nervous System

  • Teach You Deep Feminine Manifestation Techniques

  • Bring You Into a Restorative State

Each video will introduce you to a new technique or core resource  every three days during your 30 days.  Video modules will be focused and simple, not more than 10 minutes.  I'm wanting to nourish your system, not overwhelm it.  Again, we're doing this according to deep feminine principles of nourishment, grace, and embodied power.

How do I register?

The 30 day self-care program is free, my gift of support to all of you who decide to take on this challenge towards greater self-care and a realignment to nourishment as a lifestyle. To register:

1. Follow the link below to purchase your Purium protocol.

2. Email me at with a screen shot of your receipt. 


That's it!  I will then send you the links to the self-care program to companion your 30 days.   You can start whenever you're ready, and follow your own pace.

***Please note:  The inner resiliency program that I'm creating is free, but it does specifically companion the Purium protocol, so it isn't available on its own.

What if the full 30 days is too expensive for me?

I've set the links up so that you have the most discounts and the best value possible.  The Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation pack ends up being less than $11/day, and will cover at least one, if not two or three meals, each day.  This depends on the schedule you decide to follow.  So if you can swing it, it's both reasonable and high value. 

That said, if you feel you need this but financially it's either impossible or stressful (definitely not the point!), there is a simpler and less expensive option.  Although it's less intensive, the "Core 4" will still give you one dose each day of the aminos (protein), power shake (green superfoods), biome medic (gut repair), and apothecherry (antioxidants).  This is definitely enough to create a real shift. All the prices and options are on the registration page. 

COMMUNITY AND FINANCIAL TRANSFORMATION?  Yes, if you are navigating a new financial reality and looking for Plan B, it is actually an amazing time to join the Purium movement.  I'm biased of course, but I find my team particularly amazing :)  Extremely competent leadership married to heart centered, conscious, community oriented  business practices.  All centered around the simple vision to get organic whole foods and superfoods healing as many bodies as possible.  If you're feeling interested, ready to grow, and available, this might be a good fit. Residual income and work that can thrive from home are both really good things, especially now. Send an email to and I'll get you in touch with my team. 


BUILD:  Super Amino 23

NOURISH:  Power Shake

RESTORE:  ApotheCherry

DETOXIFY:  Biome Medic

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