Authentic Sexuality

Finding What 'Sexy' is for You

with Deonesea La Fey



There are so many ways in which we are taught from an early age what

female sexuality is. 


From media, culture, music, family and peers we are sold an image of what a woman looks and behaves like when she is considered to be a sexy woman.  This hair, that ass, those breasts, this age, that height, those facial features...the list goes on and on.  But nowhere in that favored list of attributes is there space for all of the many variations of Woman and how authentic eroticism shows up.

So often, in the face of all of that, a woman looks at herself in the mirror, sees that she is not any of the things on that list...and gives up on ever being sexy.


This class is based on stripping ourselves bare from all of those biases and rigid definitions of what 'sexy' is, to reveal the real sexiness of the woman underneath.

When a woman defines sexy on her own terms, even in the face of all she's been told by the world, she claims a power for herself that is determined by her, and only her. 


This is a game changer.

This process is about flipping the dynamic from sexy being about something that's being placed on you from the outside, to being about something that's sourced of you from the inside.


Authentic Sexuality: Finding What 'Sexy' is For You is a three class series that will move you into a depth of understanding of what authentic female sexuality is really about and how to relate with your own natural eroticism, so that you can start truly enjoying it.


In this class we’ll be discussing all of the messages women are given about our bodies and how those messages impact how we feel about ourselves as sexual beings.  We will talk about how to strip away all of those layers of conditioning to get down to the naked truth about female sexuality - it's power, it's depth, it's wild beauty, it's erotic juiciness.



This class is all about finding what sexy is for you, personally.  Ultimately, sexy is a feeling and each individual woman has to determine for herself what turns her on in her inner world.  Is it luxurious lipstick and strapping on a pair of heels, or is it bare feet on the earth with the breeze in your hair?  Or is it some combination of those things?  And what kind of rituals do you have in your life to help you stay close to feeling sexy even with the day to day of all the things you juggle?  What can you be doing to help you feel sexy?



In this last class of the series, we’ll be talking about what men really find to be sexy.  It's super easy to believe that all men have bought into the mass media trappings of what defines a sexy woman...and to, therefore, think that you will never come across as sexy because you are not that.  However, while healthy men will often have their various kinds of preferences about those things, they actually find certain kinds of qualities about a woman to be far more sexy than any kind of glossy magazine image.  Confidence, comfort in her own skin, radiant feminine energy...these are at the top of the list.  We'll be discussing these things and more, along with how you can embody those qualities to enhance your newfound feeling of being sexy.  


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