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Sovereign Sexuality: 

Practices for Gold and Diamond Members


Blessed women!

We are at a moment of pause, of acknowledging fruition, of harvest.  We are continuing on together, but in a somewhat different format, and for many of us, we have been together for an entire cycle of the sun!  

Your practice this month is a guided practice into Harvest.  Please bring a journal with you when you come to this practice.  

And although this practice is specific to harvest and fruition related to the membership and the journey we've been on together, please know that the sensibilities that allow for a true harvest of the gifts given through any experience - a lovemaking, a relationship , a journey of any kind - are the same.  Pause.  Staying anchored with the present, become aware of who you were in the past.  Absorb.  Let it wash over you.  Don't try, don't think, just allow.

I have loved this journey with you all so much.  You have brought so much depth and richness and fortitude to me and to each other.  I look forward with gratitude and renewed hope for all of us, and for humanity, as you each continue on this path of a self-authored, sovereign sexual expression that sources revelations from your own hidden sacred.  

Onward we go!

BUT......let's pause and fully harvest first :)




This month we are going to do something a little different.  Most of what we have done so far have been practices that take you deeper into your own inner terrain, what lives inside you.  This month, we are going to be getting more familiar with the terrain of approach that surroundsyou.  


I feel quite certain that you wouldn't be in this membership unless you not only wanted to feel secure in your own wholeness, but that you also have an awareness of the yearning to share that wholeness, the beauty of your being and your sexuality, in an intimacy that amplifies the Good in your life.  An intimacy that spirals upward and deepens, rather than entrapping or entangling or re-traumatizing you.


The written inquiry and two part guided practice for this month will be an exploration of the terrain of approach that surrounds other words, the field you hold around yourself that can either be a welcome to the worthy or an impossible obstacle course created by your hypervigilance and designed by all your past pain. Is it a mine field?  Are there hurdles to climb and hoops to jump that no self-respecting human being (ie the kind who is capable of healthy intimacy) will submit themselves to?  Is it vacuous, are there no thresholds of protection and pause?  Is there a moat of your own unprocessed and unresolved inner conflicts, fears and desperations, surrounding your 


To rest in a state of supple, resourced discernment is our goal.  Wisened by past experiences but not ensconced in a hypervigilant web of defenses and idealized fantasies  that actually does as much to prevent the possibility of a healthy intimacy as it does to protect you from an unhealthy one.  


So, whether you do this personal process all at once or spread it out over some time, I welcome you to get a journal and start with the first written inquiry.  Then with the two part practice, make sure to pause in between them and journal what insights come.  Finishing with the completion written inquiry.


This is an exploration of your more subconscious, energetic terrain.  As such, it really is just exploration.  Or you could also say this is much like a personal ritual.  The value is in simply turning toward your terrain of approach with focused inquiry and then letting it go.  This isn't an invitation to come up with a new strategy or "fix" anything.  Just your focused awareness on this will bring forth insights and inner shifts that will have their own momentum and ripening in you, without needing management.

Blessed Be!

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