A 30 Day Return To Core Resilience

Nourish, Strengthen, Cleanse

30 Days of Deep Feminine Renewal for Body AND Soul


I made it register, you just follow the link below.  Your cart will already be set up for you, discounts already applied. Shipping usually takes about 5 days.  Send me a screenshot of your receipt to receive access to She Rises, the inner resiliency program that I have tailored to companion the Purium protocol.  (

***Please note:  The inner resiliency program that I'm creating is free, but it does specifically companion the Purium protocol, so it isn't available on its own.

The cost of the Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation pack, after the discounts, is $314.25.  Shipping and tax then will be additional, and will depend on where you live.

 Adding adrenal support is always a good thing.  Will aid in settling your overall stress response and increasing absorption of the rest of the protocol.  It's also really reasonable, just about $20 more.  If you want to add the Bee Energetic for additional adrenal support, the cost will be $334.36   And then of course whatever shipping and tax.  

The full 30 day program is the best value and most thorough in terms of nutrition, but if you need a lower price point, the Core 4 is a simple daily regimen that will still companion the She Rises modules and definitely create a shift towards cleansing through nourishment.  The cost of the Core 4 is $179.25 (plus shipping and tax).  

The kit itself will come with all the instructions you need, and I will be available to answer any additional specific questions.  You can reach me at

Remember, you'll be deciding what schedule you want to work with, based on your needs and goals and what feels most supportive to you.  

Starting now, let's agree.  We will be working this like I work all things.....according to deep feminine principles.

We will cleanse through NOURISHMENT.

We will shift habits through REALIGNMENT.

We will treat the body as the TEMPLE it is.  


BUILD:  Super Amino 23

NOURISH:  Power Shake

RESTORE:  ApotheCherry

DETOXIFY:  Biome Medic

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