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Warrior Woman

Deep Feminine Warrior Arts Training 

for Women Who Want to Turn Helpless Rage into Fierce Liberation 

with Jumana Sophia



$25 US

This is a teaching webinar, accompanied by a practice I developed by drawing on many of the most fundamental practices of Her Mystery School, and tailoring it to work specifically with anger.  During the webinar, will go into practice together to actually DO something about the anger that may be burning up in you.  This will get you back up on the horse and fueled to right action by your anger, rather than frustrated, endlessly burning, or helpless in it.

So, as you prepare to watch the recording, come with an awareness of something that makes you feel powerless and trapped in an anger cycle.  Something in your life, in the world, in your past, in yourself.  Let's temper the fire of your anger so that it fuels good choices, clarifies  your relationships, and makes you a force to be reckoned with, not a destructive, blaming, helplessly angry human being who gets ignored, overpowered or avoided.  




The true purpose of anger - anger as protection and a force for life-giving power, not destructive action or internal combustion

Forging a trustworthy alliance with rage - how to work with the actual fire of your raw anger so it becomes an ally, not a torment

Neutral precision - the warrior's art of delivering anger as a true power move

Anger as a creator of refuge - how to meet what angers you in a way that galvanizes your strength and creates refuge rather than overwhelm

Naming, then ending, experiences of victimhood - walking the full power cycle of naming what angered or hurt you, but then releasing yourself from it

The class will includes a 90 minute long webinar of teaching and practice, as well as a guided practice to use as ongoing support.  

It's time to warrior up.​

When the world is not asking what you want,

then your power move is to seize the narrative and decide

what you will DO.  

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