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About Jumana Sophia

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The river that runs through me has been shaped by many hands, illuminated by the brilliance of my teachers:

Shantam Lanz

Richard Bock

Ariel Spilsbury

Sarah Byrden

The Shadhuliyya Sufi Tariqa

Rod and Brooks Newton

Grandmother Lorindra

Hunter Reynolds

Thomas Garbarino

My Mission

My work is simply an extension of how I live. I have put all of my training, experience, ecstasies and devastations at the feet of my own womanhood, and in that I have found that what it is to be woman is a mystery and a magnificence.  

I am a deeply trusted teacher, beloved ceremonialist, author, healer, and ordained priestess. I have raised two temples and founded an international women's ministry and mystery school. I am a guide.


My work articulates the soul road of womanhood and the nobility, the eternal rightness and incorruptible beauty of female sexuality. In many ways, it speaks what is unspoken and forgotten, but everliving, in you, sacred woman. This is a time of remembrance, and my work will foster an intimacy with yourself that is True. That feels like Home. 


No matter how broken, confused, or numb you may feel, no matter what your life circumstances or overculture have taught you to believe about what you are, of one thing I am certain—you are more than you can imagine, and the path of sacred Womanhood is a golden one, waiting with simple presence for the touch of your courageous footfalls.    

My Approach

My work evokes authenticity, and unfolds in profound safety. Principled but not rigid. Beyond dogma. Freed from all of the big and small ways that the world will try to tell you what it is to be a woman. What you should do or be. What you're allowed to do or be.  


Together we fill what has become empty and exhausted, remember what has been forgotten, and mend what has been broken.  

My work is not about attaining any particular state. Womanhood is an everliving and evolving mystery, and it is a full spectrum experience. I invite you to simply turn away from all those who would seek to commodify, control, or even name what you are, so that you can come to know all that you really are, from the inside. So that you sit again in the warmth of your own fire, with self-authority and confident poise and, yes, pleasure. 

The joy and power of your awakened womanhood is a gift you bring to all of your world—your families, lovers, your chosen religion or faith, your culture. This work is inclusive of all that you are. It is non-oppositional. I can and do exalt womanhood without diminishing men or anything else for that matter.


When a woman rises, all of life rises with her.     

Her Mystery School, 2017

Please excuse the epithet - sometimes the only way I know to infuse my statements with the energy I desire is to swear- but may I just say:  you are a f#~*ing EXTRAORDINARY writer and orator.  Simply unparalleled in my experience.  


I find myself wanting to stop the transmissions over and over so I can capture the poetic brilliance of your words...not simply the teaching but the FORM of the teaching.  I feel so nourished and met and blessed...I am all happy weepy as I write this. Thank you so much.

~ Cat

Having survived being molested and used for the gratification of others, as well as the family denial around those years, this course was a godd Ess-send. I have done a lot of work on PTSD, but always felt there was too much residual crap left behind inside of me causing resentment. Your DailyOM courses have been invaluable. Thank you for reaching out to this bigger audience. May you feel the gratitude of all of us you have helped.

~ Mary

DailyOM Course 

My Background and Training

I have been studying and working in the fields of somatic healing, ceremonial facilitation, temple dance, embodiment and the deep feminine, archetypal healing arts since 1998. I am based in southern Oregon; my work has touched the lives of tens of thousands of women in over eighteen countries. 



  • Founder: HER Mystery School

  • Founder, Ceremonialist, Teacher and Minister: Aquamystica Water Temple

  • Initiate, 13 Moon Mystery School:  Ariel Spilsbury 

  • Best-Selling Course Author and Educator:  DailyOM

  • Co-Director, Social Architect and Ceremonialist:  Goddess Temple of Ashland

  • Initiate, Divine Birth Mystery Teachings: Seven Sisters Mystery School

  • Temple Dancer:  Dakini Rose Devadasi

  • Course Editor, Author Liaison:  DailyOM

  • Staff Massage Therapist and Waterdance Therapist:  Harbin Hot Springs

  • Mother 

  • BA, English and Subjective Anthropology, Phi Beta Kappa: The University of Virginia 

The deep knowing, synthesizing and articulating you’ve done with such deep, beautiful and sacred topics is a treasure to me. It softened me as I listened. It answered questions I didn’t know how to articulate.


Your sacred wisdom on these tender topics is so clearly needed by a part of me who has been in the desert trying to find trees. Any tree. One tree. The respectful way you talk about marriage resonated so deeply.Custodianship is such a beautiful word to describe what we do in relationship with another and in intimacy. Really gorgeous.


It’s a privilege to hear your words. With so much gratitude.

~ Janet

Sex, Fidelity, and Ecstasy - Webinar Series

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