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Resources for Shifting Habits and Deepening Your Cleanse

As you determine what lifestyle habits (particularly around food) that you want to shift, and if you want to take the cleanse deeper, here are some things we've found that help make it easier!  These are not affiliate links, just awesome companies and products that we've vetted.

 Want to quit coffee?

Rasa Coffee Alternative:  Adaptogen blends, one including cacao, that give the energy and lift and even that rich earthy coffee experience, without depletion.

Pique Teas:  Triple screened, tea master curated teas in a crystallized form.  The black teas and matcha are great for shifting to a more smooth and medicinal form of caffeine.

Want to cut back or quit alcohol?

Well, honestly the best I've heard so far other than just stopping is, especially in the evening, to actually just have another Power Shake when you're craving a drink.

Alternatively, Rasa has an adaptogenic calming blend that could fill that gap.

Want to cut back or quit sugar?

Some alternatives for sweetening things (like your new Rasa/tea morning lift!), or even baking, that are low-glycemic:

Monk fruit extract, Swerve.  You can usually find these at your local natural foods store.

Unburdening your liver....

Has a lot to do with elimination and clearing the colon.  Colonics are great for this, but you have to find a trusted colon hydrotherapist in your area.

Alternatively, Coffee Enemas are very much targeted to unburdening the liver.  The coffee elicits release from both the liver and gall bladder.  IF you choose to do these, please read up and make sure they are for you and you're doing them correctly.  We're not pros in that arena.  But I do know that they are best done when your colon is already cleared from a water enema or bowel movement, that it's best to try to retain the enema for 15 minutes, and that it's really important that you use really pure enema coffee.  Here's what I am using:  PURE LIFE ENEMA COFFEE.

Your skin is your biggest detoxification organ - Dry Brushing.

I mention this in one of the modules....dry brushing followed by oil (warm sesame or coconut are both ideal), letting it sit for a few minutes or so, then hopping in the shower for hot/colds.  I found a dry brush that is only about $8, but there are lots of options out there.

Skin Brush

Sweating!  Infrared Sauna Blanket

Exercising to the point of sweating is really important for moving out toxins and just keeping everything moving, but if you can find a sauna, the process of passively sweating can be really rejuvenative, especially if you're in a healing process that requires restoration and not too much exertion.

Infrared saunas penetrate the body more deeply and raise internal body temperature with less external heat.  They can be expensive and they require a fair amount of space, so if you get the hit that regular sweating would be good for you, you can check out this infrared sauna blanket.  I had been trying to figure out how to get this happening in my life for months, but I just got one based on the recommendation of a friend and I'm really excited to try it.  This one is layered with amethyst and tourmaline, can be rolled up and put away, and she loves it.  They give affiliate discounts when you buy one, so I do actually have a code that gets you $50 off.  

Higher Dose Infrared Sauna Blanket.  

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