Jar of Love Wishes!

A simple, epic gift to make with or for your intimate partner for Valentine's Day.


Read about how and why it works.

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Download and print the PDF to make your own!



Very simply, you just write out 20 or so love wishes on pieces of paper, fold them in half, put them in a jar and give them to your partner.  The invitation is that they can then pick out one of your love wishes, read it in their own time, choose if they are ready to do it, decide how and when, and give you what you wish for in a way, time, and place that feels right and good to them.  



Invitation - just by putting your wishes into a place where they can be chosen immediately creates a dynamic of invitation, and eradicates the pressure of demand.  This allows intimacy to flow organically rather than at a forced march.  

Emotional Safety - this gives you an opportunity to take the time to really feel into what specifically would foster emotional intimacy and connection with your partner, what words/actions/shared experiences would truly touch your heart and communicate reassurance, presence, and love to you in a way you can actually receive it.  It also gives your partner the safety of not having to respond to a desire at a time or a pace that creates more pressure than openness.  

Trustworthy Intimacy - you can freely express ALL your desires without holding back for fear of overwhelming your partner or not being received.  Because they can respond organically, and in a way and timing that feels good to them, the experience will lead to authentic, trustworthy connection rather than a potentially stilted or awkward attempt at giving you what you want.  

It's fun.

These are suggestions that are sourced in simple tantric practices, intimacy cultivation skills, and a trauma-informed healing approach. Just print them off and use them or get inspired to make your own.  Tailor them to suit your gender/partnership/authentic desires.


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