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Priestess Mother

An Exclusive Webinar for Women who walk the path of Sacred Motherhood

with Jumana Sophia


$25 US




Initiation - understanding sexual intimacies, their heights and their devastations, as initiations into power

Claiming - what it is to be claimed, and how to make sure it's a good thing

Worthiness - determining who is worthy to enter the temples of your heart, body, and womb

Emotional and Psychic Safety -  ending patterns of depletion, abandonment, and sexual bonding that binds the spirit

Serving as a Priestess of the Sacred Marriage - becoming conscious of what we are truly yearning for in sexual intimacies, and why they can be by turns ecstatic and annihilating  

Women who touch the sacred in lovemaking have both an extraordinary gift and a profound vulnerability, particularly in the current overculture.  


We have served as priestess lovers in a myriad of forms, for thousands of years.  This is not a new age fantasy, fabricated by a fledgling feminine spirituality. It is an archetypal and ancient reality.  

In our current overculture the sacred nature of sexuality and the holiness of the female body are either dismissed or vastly underestimated.  This leads to dangerous instability and unnecessary torment for far too many of us.  

  This webinar is an opportunity to become conscious of what is actually happening in moments of deeply felt union and undeniably holy sexual intimacy.  And from that awareness to heal from the  confusion, pain, devastation, and energetic entanglements that often result from the abandonment or betrayal of those intimacies.  



"You open to much more than just your lover when making love, and this can get confusing or even devastating.  You are opening to God or the sacred or the holy nature of woman when you make love.  Your lover may or may not be able to access the state you access, and they may or may not be able to honor it the way it deserves. 


You exalt and hold reverence for life by your nature, and this gift for exaltation can give way to dangerous fantasies about your lovers if you are not careful.  Many, many a priestess lover has experienced the absolute devastation and disorientation of realizing that the gorgeous being they've been pouring everything out for is actually narcissistic, dishonest, unfaithful, abusive, irresponsible, addicted, name it.  


It turns out that we priestess lovers hold a deep vow in our being to see and elevate the soul of others, their true nature, their potential.  This is an unparalleled gift of healing in most cases, but it can be dangerous with a lover.  If they have not yet recognized their own true nature and come to inhabit their own integrity, you will end up with a fractured sense of yourself and the relationship that can take some real time and care to recover from.  You are not meant to simply serve, revere, and uphold your lover.  You are meant to be met and held by the inner fire and strength of a lover who can stand in the face of power, surrender to it, and bow as deeply as you do.  "

- Gifts and Challenges of the Priestess Lover, Jumana Sophia

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