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Sex, Fidelity, and Ecstasy

What Lovemaking Always Wanted to Be

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***An Offering for ALL GENDERS
Whether you're in a committed lovership, yearn for one, avoid them, fear them, or consistently "fail" at them, this audio bundle offers perspectives and wisdom sourced from deep feminine lineage and a deep feminine approach to the mystery of sexuality, the true form of fidelity, and the ecstasy of union. 
In the current cultural climate of inherited confusion and disconnection, it can be challenging to know and clarify your deeper truths.  Social/cultural limitations can trap you in what seems like a spectrum of choice - from conventional morality to radically expressive freedom - but that is really just a play of repression and it's answering recklessness. 
"Monogamy" just even sounds boring.  The religious, moral, and cultural clamp down on the wild untamed beauty of sexuality has created a corresponding absence of the truly powerful, ever-renewing reality of a devotional lovership.  There are so many mysteries and gifts that summon us to fidelity and sexual commitment.  In this transmission we'll look toward alchemy, the rite of the sacred marriage, nobility, surrender, and ecstasy, as we reclaim, restore, and understand the heart and soul of this ancient, archetypal call to sexual union.  
SEX:  A consideration of what sex really is, wild and untamed but deeply in alignment with the natural law that seeks harm to none and the good of all.  The power of sexual union is paralleled only by the tenderness and vulnerability it can touch.  Held with respect, it is full of the magic of bonding, and free of the curse of binding.
FIDELITY:  Why fidelity gives birth to a freedom with roots in a nobility of spirit and branches into sexual mastery and full-spectrum intimacy. We'll free fidelity from illusions of limitation and empty promises to see what it really is - an expression of profound personal power and the key to the abundant miracles of devotional love.
ECSTASY:  How ecstasy can be found through ever deepening surrender and ever evolving sexuality, supported by fidelity to become more potent, more dynamic, and more rich over time. Shifting out of the committed "relationship as work" model to the possibility of committed relationship as a trustworthy oasis in the desert.
COST:  $33 USD
In celebration of Beltane!
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